The Installation Process

Each property at Kings Chelsea is ‘fibre ready’, this means the fibre network has already been installed within all the buildings on the estate. In order for you to receive a broadband service we just need to complete the final stage and connect your home to the network and provide you with a broadband router.

When our engineer visits you to complete the installation process they will place your router within the comms cupboard you have in your property. This is where the fibre network comes into your home.

It is the same place that all your other previous telecoms connections are so it should just take the place of any previous equipment.

The router will be effectively behind the closed door of the cupboard but is powerful enough to produce coverage throughout your home from this position.

Once your router is plugged in and powered up your service will be live and you will be able to access it.

And that’s it! A very straightforward operation.

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