The Installation Process

While most of the entire Golden Lane Estate is fully connected to our fibre network each tower and block has a slightly different approach when installing to your home. In order for you to receive a broadband service we just need to complete the final stage and connect your home to the network and provide you with a broadband router.

In most cases, the fibre will be fed through the existing telecoms ducts in the Estate and then into your property where it will be seen as a neat small white box immediately next to your current telecoms socket. There are usually no intrusive works required and if we do need to do some drilling it is minimal and will not disrupt any of your decorations.

Please note that the router will require power and some properties in the Estate may not have this readily available next to the existing telecoms socket. If this is the case then the Estate Office can help you if power is required for the router.

In extreme cases, additional drilling may be required but our engineer will be able to advise you as to what is required when they visit you. If you do not own the property it may be best to consult your landlord before booking an installation.

Once our engineer has completed the installation process they will plugin in your broadband router and make sure it is working correctly.

Once your router is plugged in and powered up your service will be live and you will be able to access it.

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