Overview – Golden Lane Broadband Services

Thanks for choosing Vision Fibre Media as your broadband supplier. We are delighted you chose us and hope to provide you with the very best fibre experience.

All our services are full-fibre which means that fibre optic cables run from the connection plate in your home all the way to the source meaning you get a much more reliable service and speed.

The vast majority of broadband connections are either mostly old style copper wiring, which doesn’t allow for ultra-fast speeds, or part copper and part fibre, which can also provide varying broadband speeds.

Another differentiation between our service and the likes of BT and most Virgin services (as an example) is our mirrored speeds. This means that your download speed will be the same as your upload speed – very handy if you’re sending large images or files to friends, family or for business.

A BT service won’t give you a mirrored speed, your upload speed is likely to be much less than your download speed, often around the 10-20Mbps mark.

BT’s Infinity service may advertise a 52Mbps (megabytes-per-second) service but in reality the 52Mbps is the maximum download speed you are likely to get. The average speed will be far lower and at peak usage times in the neighbourhood a BT service is likely to be throttled back as everyone shares the bandwidth.

Golden Lane’s purpose built network has more than enough bandwidth for all our customers to use it all at once so your service shouldn’t be impaired by lots of people being online.

Our services at Golden Lane are as follows:

ZIP – our 50Mbs service

This is a our standard package and means that when your device is connected to your router via a cable you’ll receive a broadband speed of 50Mbps when downloading information and 50Mbps when uploading information.

You can compare it to BT’s Infinity product although with BT the speed is “up to” 52Mbps when downloading and the upload speed is likely to be much less at around 10-20Mbps.

DASH – our 100Mbs service

This is our most popular service at Golden Lane with the majority of our customers subscribing to receive it. 100Mbps download and 100Mbps upload if your device is connected via a cable to the router.

Our Dash service far out performs the big suppliers.

RUSH – our 200Mbs service

Another popular service at Golden Lane. 200Mbps download and 200Mbps upload if your device is connected via a cable to the router.

LIGHTNING – our 1,000Mbs service

This is the fastest residential speed currently available in the United Kingdom and is the top end broadband service you are likely to come across at present. 1Gbps or 1,000Mbps. Most devices are not yet capable of delivering the full 1,000Mbps speed which means that the average speed of this package will be closer to 900-950Mbps but this is still an amazing service. Once you have experienced a lightning service you won’t want to go back to a slower speed.

If you have any more questions about which broadband service would be best for you please refer to our guide by clicking here.

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