Moving your existing telephone number to VFM

You can, in most cases, move your existing telephone number over to our service to have everything in one place. The first step is to sign up for one of our broadband and telephone packages and then submit a request in writing to move your existing phone number across.

Please read the information below carefully first before proceeding:

Your Telephone Number

When you sign up to our service we will provide you with a new telephone number with the prefix 0203 free of charge or you can choose to port over your existing number from an existing provider. We charge a small fee for doing this which we will make sure to notify you of at the time.

Can I use an existing Telephone Number?

Yes, it is likely we will be able to move (or as we call it “port”) your number from your current provider to our system. If that is the case then it can take 2-4 weeks for your number to port across to us.

You need to make sure that the telephone number being ported is still an active number in your name at the time the request is made. For example if you have already cancelled your account with say BT then the number you have been using is likely to no longer be yours and therefore cannot be ported to our system.

We can only port numbers from certain providers, which listed below:

  • BT
  • Virgin
  • TalkTalk
  • Sky

To request a number to be ported you will need to provide the information listed below:

  • An existing account number your current provider will know you by
  • Your new Vision Fibre Media account number
  • The full address including postcode where the number was last in use
  • Your current address where you wish to use the number
  • The telephone number to be ported

Please provide the details above in writing to our Support Team by emailing us at

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