General Telephone FAQs and Answers

General FAQs for our Telephony Service at The Barbican Estate

Can I keep my own telephone number?

Yes we can port your number across from your existing provider. There is a small charge to do this and we will provide you with a temporary number whilst the process takes place.

What are the telephone charges for calls to UK mobile operators, non-geographical numbers (0800, 0808, 0845, 0870) & calls outside of the inclusive periods?

A list of all the current tariffs can be found on the website, click here for theĀ full list.

Is there an additional line rental change for the telephone service?

There is no additional line rental charge for the telephone service. This is provided over VoIP and utilises the POTS ports on the back of the router.

Can I keep my existing phone?

Yes you can in the majority of cases.

What countries are included in the European and International package?

European: Belgium | France | Germany | Ireland | Italy | Spain | Denmark | Portugal | Sweden | Switzerland

International: USA | China/Hong Kong | Russia | Australia | Canada

You can view all our call rates by clicking here.

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