General Broadband FAQs and Answers

General FAQs for our Lightning-fast Broadband Service at Golden Lane

What is the monthly download limit?

You can download as much as you like the service is totally unlimited.

Do you operate a fair-use policy?

We do operate a fair-use policy please click here for more information.

Is the broadband speed symmetrical (ie will I receive the same upload speed as download speed)?

The broadband packages offered are symmetrical – this means your download speed will be the same as your upload speed. For our 1,000Mbs product however we only guarantee an upload speed of 250Mbps.

Is the broadband service subject to traffic shaping (port or protocol blocking/throttling)?

The service is a net neutral service, no traffic shaping or blocking takes place unless required for legal reasons.

Will the service provide a fixed or dynamic external IP address?

The service provides a dynamic public IP address however fixed address can be provided. Please contact support for more information (please contact Support).

Can the broadband speed be upgraded during the initial contract period?

Customers can upgrade at any time via the customer website portal or by contacting our Support Team.

What is the initial contract period?

The initial contract period is for a minimum of 12 months or 18 months depending on the service you initially signed up for. Please contact our Support Team at if you would like to query this.

What happens at the end of my contract?

Our service will continue on a rolling monthly basis until you cancel.

Will the cabling and the router (i.e. all the hardware and cabling) be identical whichever package I pick? Or is there a higher grade router and cabling for the very fastest package?

All the products are delivered using the same grade of router. We have plans for an AC version and will provide more when the product becomes available.

If I subscribe to the broadband and or telephony service, what is the work required inside my home?

Our engineers will install a new fibre connection adjacent to the position of your existing telecoms supply. The Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) will be connected to the Fibre and be left neat and tidy ready for service. Our router will require power to operate so a suitable power socket will be required.

What if we cannot provide power to the router?

VFM will work with you to find an alternative location for the router or an extension from an existing power point. Your Estate Office can provide contact details of a local electrical engineer if you wish to install a socket prior to our installation.

I would like my equipment to be fitted in a different position to that of my existing telecoms supply. What can you do?

We will discuss options with you and try to accommodate your wishes. However, if the installation requires a greater amount of time and materials then this maybe be subject to an additional cost.

Will I be able to map firewall ports on the VFM supplied router?

Yes, you can map ports on the router by logging in to it using the credentials that we will supply.

Will I be able to change the Service Set Identifier (SSID) on the VFM supplied router?

Yes, you can change the SSID on the router by logging in to it using the credentials that we supply.

I have email with my current broadband supplier what happens if I switch to VFM?

Some ISPs will allow you to continue using an email address that they supply, you will need to contact your ISP and ask them the question. VFM recommends one of the free email providers of which some are reviewed here.

Can you provide additional WiFi access point to spread the WiFi signals throughout my home?

Our support team can recommend WiFi booster devices that can assist spreading the signal throughout your home. If a second access point is required, this will be subject to an additional cost. Please contact our Support Team at if you need help with this.

If there is a fault on the Broadband network, how will I be notified?

If we are carrying out periodic maintenance to the network, we will provide advanced notice on our website and through the estate office. Additional information can be found by logging in to your account.

Why does my wireless internet speed vary?

The wireless signal strength to your devices can be reduced by obstacles in your home or from sources of interference such as DECT cordless phones, microwaves or indeed other local WiFi networks. We guarantee our speed of service via connecting a cable into the back of our router.

I have an inclusive network protection with my current service what does VFM offer?

VFM does not offer any Virus protection as we believe that there is no “One size fits all” solution. We recommend that you look at one of these Anti-Virus programs and decide which one best meets your needs.

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